FIFA 18 – The Journey – Favela Props – Stadiums

Here are some of the props I made, for the Favela scene, for EA’s, FIFA 18 storymode intro scene, the Journey, that I had the pleasure to work on with an amazingly talented team. As well as some for FIFA 18 stadiums.  They are all very low poly with texture supporting most of the details.

Favela beauty shots, the props were used to help populate the scene.

I also had the opportunity to work on many stadiums with yet another incredible team for FIFA. Although, I was only able to get some screenshots from FIFA 18. Most of the work I did was for FIFA 18 expansion. I worked on many parts of the stadiums – modelling and texturing – upper and lower stands, railings, tunnels, player benches, player chairs – as well as helping fine tune many areas of the stadiums, set dressing, creating meshes for lighting, and bug fixing. Here are some of the stadiums that I worked on for FIFA 18.