It all started when I was a young child, dabbling in paint and playing with lead, smearing colors on a canvas trying to create interesting shapes until I found something that I was happy with. As I grew into a larger child, the infection took over, I was hooked, I continued drawing as much as I could with my best friend. We scavenged through comic books, admired are favorite video games and movies, collected figurines and let our imaginations catch fire, we even started our own fake game company.

As time went on my burning desire for art got stronger, I started exploring things I didn’t ever know about, things called perspective, form, anatomy, lighting, values, color theory and composition. I started to put these art fundamentals to use, and saw my art gain strength. Then, a new infection took place, it wasn’t just the love of art, it was the intense desire to grow as an artist, I was getting better. My drawings turned to paintings and I explored areas of photography. I started to be able to take images from my mind and turn them into reality. To this day, the fire hasn’t burned out and never will. My love for all things art will always continue.

My name is Justin Beckett, I am a 3D Environment artist, I started as a traditional artist, drawing and painting, and I still consistently draw and paint. I got into 3D after I randomly decided to take some courses in 3D modeling and texturing and realized I really loved doing it. I was amazed at how I could take things from my imagination and put them in a 3D world. I have been constantly learning and growing ever since.

Growing up with games, I have been continuously amazed by what I feel is a art in its own. I am amazed by the spectacular lighting and all the beautiful details and colors, the level of imagination you wouldn’t see anywhere else, the worlds that I am able to explore in today’s games fascinate and inspire me. To be able to create those worlds, to tell a story, to create something beautiful, something people will remember is what I work hard to achieve.